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Chapter 1 – Demystifying Digital Transformation

Here is my first post on the trends I expect which will influence consumers, citizens and our digital world over the next years. Our responsibility is to make this challenging future a success that respects the human dimension, social, environmental and societal.

We are hearing about economic crisis, but many of us are convinced that the recovery is in front of us. The inevitable digital Transformation is already bringing growth. As an illustration, Frost & Sullivan announced a growth of “Connected Living Market (defined as a world in which consumers use many different devices to experience compelling new services) from $227.75 billion in 2012 to $731.79 billion by 2020”.

The Digital Transformation is built on 5 pillars called SMACS (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Security).

Social is about collaboration to shorten communication & management cycle. Increase reactivity, enlarge sharing and manage the change efficiently and quickly.

Analytics, including the famous buzzword Big Data, is about focusing on the Data and not the People, to increase predictability, automation and knowledge.

Mobility, Cloud and Security are enabling the transformation by providing ways to mitigate risks, to reach performance, peace of mind, reliability, instantaneity, and eventually focus on business rather than on infrastructure.

Digitization can extend the footprint of organizations, improve management decisions, and speed the development of new products and services. At the same time, the excessively rapid adoption of technologies can disrupt traditional business models. Organizations need to carefully make progress towards digital transformation with a concrete strategy to use its strengths and mitigate its challenges.

Look out for my next post where I’ll be talking about what will happen with this Digital Transformation.

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