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Chapter 4 – the Digital Product Transformation Journey

The Digital Journey for new product/project/service is at the same time very simple and very challenging. It’s a 3-step journey with a focus which has to be extended to product-related and context-related services:

  1. “Connectization” phase: from unconnected/non digital solution, the challenge is a successful connection/digitization, bringing remote access, proactivity of monitoring, automatic process, saving costs…
  2. “Smartization” phase: meaning introduce new business process, more predictability, leverage the use of collected data, monitoring existing assets and new services and their integration to the Enterprise.
  3. “Internetization” phase: now the initial product get into the Internet, as IoT, becoming a set of services, introducing new usage and generating new revenues. In a customer-centric view which expands business to areas outside the pure product (customer context, home automation, consumer electronics, etc.).

On this Journey, the Customer touch points are multiplied throughout product lifetime (registration, service renewal, online help, push notifications, etc.).

As a KPI for the end of the Journey, consumers would definitely choose experiences over products.

Look out for my next post where I’ll be concluding on the most important.

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