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Chapter 5 – Digital Transformation is above all about people

What could be scaring is that those economic models are disruptive. And not scalable… The scary part is that companies understand, painfully, that the models that they are operating today are radically different from the previous ones. And to transform, we need to forget the past. All companies are not ready yet, some of them far from it. At the worst, the ones which freeze their past model, they probably never adapt to this transformation…

But the real key to success for a brilliant digital transformation is to first transform behavior and practice; is to change the mindset of the company; is to empower employees to make it change. The key to successful transformation is to think “digital and people first”, enabling all the capabilities of the people to make it happening.

This digital transformation will be a success if it brings as the same time real benefit to mankind and companies to better live with more equality and in symbiosis with their environment.

Leading digital change requires managers to have a vision of how to transform the companies for a digital world.

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