We have extensive experience in helping companies define their business strategy in the digital ecosystems.

For instance, we can assist you in the following domains:

Business Planning

With a real experience based on 15+ years of global programs in all key areas necessary to develop a successful business plan and with the ability to keep a common sense, we can provide consultancy in those activities:

  • Customer value proposal including business model, product development, roadmap and go-to-market strategy,
  • Financial model including planning, implementation analysis, financial assessments,
  • Test assumptions through business insights from stakeholders conversations (customer, competitor, player of the value chain, investor)

Implementation process for Digital program

Based on a concrete and 15+ years of experience in new product or service implementations, we used to propose an implementation process as a guide in the development of a results-based accountability system.

There are many different frameworks for strategic implementation process. While there are no absolute rules regarding the right framework, our goal is to follow a classical pattern, common attributes and real experience feedbacks.

We frequently experienced that customers have no real clue between the business strategy they foresee and its successful implementation.

Our strong knowledge (more than 10 programs achieved) of the world of delivery players is an opportunity:

  • To strategically advise the customer to ensure that their business strategy will be rightly implemented,
  • To tell the truth by knowing the strengths and the weaknesses of the different delivery players,
  • To help leading delivery companies along the right pace (building & managing partnerships, selecting suppliers as a whole consistent team, choosing the good technology, listening and being critical, keeping the target, …)

Product development

Developing a new service or product in our Digital World is becoming a real challenge.

We successfully experienced in the recent years the launch of a global product platform delivered as SaaS model at a worldwide scale to serve industries such as Connected Vehicles, Connected Home, Connected Infrastructure/City and Industrial IoT. This knowledge is particularly useful to understand the stakes and stay very pragmatic to achieve the targets.

Companies need to be able to develop and launch new products within a few months that

  • Are disrupting the market place,
  • Are well integrated and compatible with existing portfolio,
  • Ease the integration from multiple partners,
  • Face new technology challenges,
  • Validate it methodically.

We can help companies in this Digital Ecosystem for every type of services that require multiple, complex relationships between devices, connectivity, platform, data management, content, services and software,

  • with critical, constructive advices and comparisons,
  • to manage as a project the iterative design to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Partnerships & Sourcing

The Connected value chain is very heterogeneous and complex, involving many players such as:

  • An object vendor, e.g. an OEM,
  • A hardware supplier, e.g. Continental,
  • A connectivity supplier, e.g. Vodafone,
  • A platform supplier, e.g. Hitachi Data System,
  • A software supplier, e.g. C&SI company,
  • A content supplier, e.g. Via Michelin,
  • A service provider, e.g. BlaBlaCar.

The combination of the right team of partners must give you a competitive advantage and a better success rate. Because it has to be built in short timing, but also sustained with the right economic balance, you need a strong knowledge of the different stakeholders and a partnership expertise.

We can help you manage your partnership strategy:

  • Help you to raise the goals and sourcing strategy with the accurate business model,
  • Support RFIs / RFPs process and negotiations from technological and content suppliers.

Business development

We can help your company or your customers develop new business in the Digital Connected Ecosystem detailed in the Introduction.

We support you to propose a quality and differentiated service to your customers, leveraging our experience of the other market players and can help you during a pre-sales process.