Aujourd’hui dans les entreprises, nos processus métier sont composés de tâches et d’activités pilotées par les données (telles que la collecte, la vérification, la saisie et le contrôle d’informations). L’informatique y est prépondérante et nous facilite grandement la vie au travail. Toutefois, il reste encore beaucoup de tâches réalisées manuellement pour dérouler avec succès le processus métier concerné. Par exemple, il faut toujours se connecter à plusieurs logiciels et multiplier les opérations de copier-coller des données de l’un dans l’autre, tout en transformant le format qui ne convient pas toujours très bien. Nous en sommes tous conscients : le temps consacré à ces tâches assommantes pourraitRead More →

Consultant Expert en Mobilité Electrique, Infrastructure de Recharge et Solution Energie Mobileese est une société de conseil, formation et ingénierie. Ce bureau d’études accompagne avec ses consultants mobilité électrique, infrastructure de recharge et solution énergie toutes les organisations pour réussir leur projet sur les thèmes suivants : Conseil, stratégie, formation et accompagnement en mobilité électrique Étude, design et ingénierie projet mobilité électrique Déploiement opérationnel infrastructure de recharge, solution Energie et usage de mobilité Réussir vos projets Mobilité Electrique avec les consultants Mobileese Agrégeant une expérience métier et technique sur la mobilité et l’énergie de plusieurs dizaines d’années, l’équipe de consultants mobilité électrique de Mobileese vousRead More →

We can be sure this kind of solution will be largely deploy in a very close future. By extension we can imagine adding a robot to manage the last meters between the truck and the container. One project, called ROAR robot line-drawing, is working on this concept. And what about a container-drone, able to self-move in front of your house when the day of collect arrives and the container is (almost) full. With a new business model with a payment per type of refuse and kilogram thanks to your connected different containers (solution are already available), you can easily imagine that refuse management ecosystem willRead More →

What could be scaring is that those economic models are disruptive. And not scalable… The scary part is that companies understand, painfully, that the models that they are operating today are radically different from the previous ones. And to transform, we need to forget the past. All companies are not ready yet, some of them far from it. At the worst, the ones which freeze their past model, they probably never adapt to this transformation… But the real key to success for a brilliant digital transformation is to first transform behavior and practice; is to change the mindset of the company; is to empower employeesRead More →

The Digital Journey for new product/project/service is at the same time very simple and very challenging. It’s a 3-step journey with a focus which has to be extended to product-related and context-related services: “Connectization” phase: from unconnected/non digital solution, the challenge is a successful connection/digitization, bringing remote access, proactivity of monitoring, automatic process, saving costs… “Smartization” phase: meaning introduce new business process, more predictability, leverage the use of collected data, monitoring existing assets and new services and their integration to the Enterprise. “Internetization” phase: now the initial product get into the Internet, as IoT, becoming a set of services, introducing new usage and generating newRead More →

Every vertical business area (intelligent vehicles, industry 4.0, connected home …) is currently a mixed landscape of many players which looks like a spaghetti plate. Business engagements between stakeholders are far from being sustainable. The now engaged Digital Transformation will be a success when this issue will be solved. In the sub-market of Logistics for instance, the main stakeholders are OEM, Telematics Service Providers, Maintenance firms, Oil companies, Bank & leasing companies, Insurers, Assistance Providers, Tolling operators, Mobile Operators, Location Based Service Vendors, … They all are in collaboration/competition for a long set of different services as Diagnostic & Maintenance, Resource management, Driver management, Usage-BasedRead More →

Digital Transformation is moving the line in many companies. Especially, all the ones existing for many decades… This mutation is raising fears and makes questions burst at any level of the companies. It’s now the time to make sense of this change, as dreadful as promising. In our companies we are all facing the same cases for action: customer demand, regulation changes, ecosystem, competition, cost reduction or security improvement. Our traditional business uses a model that’s worked well for many decades, but effectively competing in a rapidly changing business ecosystem requires digital transformation. Encompassing the mandatory evolution of the market in a connected world andRead More →

Here is my first post on the trends I expect which will influence consumers, citizens and our digital world over the next years. Our responsibility is to make this challenging future a success that respects the human dimension, social, environmental and societal. We are hearing about economic crisis, but many of us are convinced that the recovery is in front of us. The inevitable digital Transformation is already bringing growth. As an illustration, Frost & Sullivan announced a growth of “Connected Living Market (defined as a world in which consumers use many different devices to experience compelling new services) from $227.75 billion in 2012 toRead More →